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                                                                                                        Seventh Grade

 ELA, Social Studies, and Religion


Eighth Grade

   ELA and Social Studies





I would like to thank all of my students and their families for their very generous gifts.

I wish you all a fun, restful, and safe summer!


***All summer assignments are due on our first day back to school.  Paper copies

were distributed to students.  They can also be found by clicking on the links below.





Sacred Heart School

Seventh and Eighth Grade Supply List


● two large marble notebooks (math and homework assignments)

● one graphing calculator (8 th grade – Texas Instrument brand ONLY:

TI-84 or TI-85)

● one scientific calculator (7 th grade)

● a package of loose leaf paper (wide ruled)

● several sharpened pencils (some need to be #2 pencils)

● small stapler to be kept in pencil case

● 2-pocket folders (at least 6: Math, ELA, test, loose leaf, take-home,


● pencil case (soft)

● several blue or black pens

● one red pen

● highlighters

● graphing paper (Math)

● one 12-inch ruler (wooden only)

● four large book socks

● art box containing crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue, glue stick,

scissors, and post-it notes

● clear contact paper to cover workbooks

● one package of poster board (14x22 – labeled with name)

● one container or Clorox/Lysol wipes

● two boxes of tissues

● Ear buds (to be kept in pencil case)

Not permitted: Wite Out, spiral notebooks, and loose leaf tablets or pads

Please replenish supplies throughout the year, as necessary.

Mrs. DeLuccio

Mrs. Gullo





Links and Worksheets

 Reading Log


 Current Events Worksheet


Incoming 7th Grade Summer Reading

Incoming 8th Grade Summer Reading


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